Extracurricular Projects

Xwing Internship: Cessna Caravan Emergency Egress Doors

  • Implemented emergency egress door modification for a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan door for pilot safety in case of unrecoverable flight test situation

  • Designed linkage mechanism and drafted engineering drawings in Solidworks, and worked with machine shop to fabricate parts

  • Implemented final modifications and installed mechanism onto the aircraft

  • Interfaced with the flight test, flight mechanic, and hardware integration teams to for design reviews and iterative design of safety-critical component

  • Presentation Slides, Video

  • Special thanks to my mentors at Xwing for their guidance on this project.

Eye Animatronic

  • Designed a compact 6-DOF eye animatronic capable of blinking and tracking faces across its field of view using computer vision face recognition

  • Implemented custom printed circuit board (PCB) with KiCad to handle power regulation/distribution and direct servo control signals with ESP32

  • 3D-printed and assembled intricate set of linkages to convert servo motion into independent eyeball movement in X and Y and blinking of eyelids

  • Final Presentation Slides (Video Included)

  • Collaborated with Abhi Alderman and Cindy Lin

Hydro Helper

  • Created a smart water bottle to track water consumption and an easy-to-use app interface to interact with tracked data

  • Integrated electrical and computing components, including an Arduino, LCD display, ultrasonic sensor, bluetooth module

  • Designed 3D-printed mounting hardware for all necessary hardware

  • Link to Site

  • Collaborated with Michael Ren, Frederic Wang, and Anthony Zhou

Miscellaneous Manufacturing Projects

  • Programmed Tormach PCNC 440 Mill to machine a 6061 aluminum representational model of a Porsche Taycan using Fusion 360 CAM

  • Used a manual lathe to mass-manufacture 40+ aluminum inserts (within 3 thou tolerance) for use in supporting bolts in composite sandwich panels

  • Special thanks to the UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineering Machine Shop and Jacobs Hall Makerspace staff for their support!