Runtime Software Engineer Intern

Summer 2024

Robotics Researcher

2023 - present

Developing safe and robust learning-based high-level controller for Free Flyer space robotics testbed platform. Implementing mixed-integer and sampling-based MPC-based low-level controller for efficient control of binary thruster-actuated system.

Flight Software/Mechanisms Intern

Summer 2023

Developed architecture for a modular, hardware-agnostic data acquisition (DAQ) firmware, then implemented and tested it (via Google Test) for the Teensy microcontroller in low-overhead C++. Designed hatch latching and lockout mechanisms for human-habitable space station modules in NX


Co-Program Director; Aero/Composites

2019 - 2023

Designed the aerodynamic shell for a road-legal solar-powered vehicle and validated it through high-fidelity CFD simulations to minimize drag. Worked with suppliers to source composite materials and fabricated the monocoque carbon fiber composite shell/chassis with prepreg and wet layup techniques.

As program director, oversaw operations, logistics, funding, sponsor/supplier partnerships, and university relations for the entire 70+ member team on our build cycle for our 10th-generation road-legal solar powered vehicle.  

GNC/Mechanical Engineering Intern

Summer 2022

Tuned and validated certifiable pitch angle controller for unmanned aircraft with MATLAB and Gazebo simulation. Designed, implemented, and installed various safety-critical hardware on autonomous aircraft platform and support systems, collaborating with mechanical, electrical, and flight test teams.

Student Researcher

Summer 2021

Developed vision-based PPO RL-trained locomotion of a HEBI Daisy hexapod robot, using PyTorch and PyBullet packages. Implemented 2D occupancy grid environment for training of a robot to manipulate and navigate through cluttered environments.  

Hummingbird Electric Vehicle

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

Designed and validated brackets, fixtures, and enclosures in SolidWorks to supported R&D and manufacturing for fully electric Class 8 trucks. Interfaced with supply chain and operations teams to integrate new parts and validate mechanical parts and electrical Ingress Protection (IP) ratings.

Research Assistant

Spring - Summer 2020

Designed, optimized and fabricated novel high-voltage thin-film multilayer repulsive-force actuators (MRFAs) for displacement, force, and robustness. Simulated real-world applications of MRFAs using Python and Coppelia VREP Robotics simulation.